Sunday, October 23, 2011

RMX Exclusive J.Cole Meet & Greet | Photos

Karine, Cole, and Jenn
Sarina, Cole, and Andrew
Melcolm, Cole, and Aiden

Raf (RMX's Co-President), Cole, and Melcolm
Akiyah, Cole, Brittany
J.Cole and Akiyah (RMX Co-President)

J.Cole and Drew (RMX Video Director &  Producer) 
Real Music Xposed

After J.Cole's Worcester, MA show at the Palladium (October 22, 2011) RMX got the exclusive opportunity to meet J.Cole on his tour bus. 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

RMX Exclusive J.Cole Meet & Greet

RMX was lucky enough to book an exclusive Meet & Greet with J.Cole after his Worcester Show on 10/22/2011.

Check back for photos and videos!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

J.Cole Album Review/ Listening Party

Real Music Xposed is back with another event and opportunity to discuss
Hip-Hop music. Off of the strength of the the highly anticipated album
released by J. Cole, we will be hosting an Album Listening Party/ Review of
J. Cole's Cole World: The Sideline Story.

The event will be held in Wilder Hall Wednesday, October 5th From *7:30pm
- 10:30pm*.

Stop on by for some Good Vibes with Good People listening to Good Music.
"Cause ain't nobody tell me what I ain't gonna be no more, Thinking I'mma
fall don't be so sure
I wish somebody made guidelines, On how to get up off the sidelines"
- J. Cole

Monday, September 26, 2011

RMX Interviews Casey Veggies [Video]

Casey Veggies takes a minute to sit down with Real Music Xposed to talk about his new album and more. Shout out to Drew for filming, Tequan for the help, and Josh Peas and Casey for the interview. RMX is the future!

Check out Casey Veggies Official Website & Peas & Carrots

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

RMX Interviews Casey Veggies

Upcoming rapper Casey Veggies opened up for Mac Miller Saturday September 24, 2011 at a show in Northampton, MA and you know RMX caught up with him for an interview. 
Video coming soon!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kendrick Lamar X LetsJustEatCheese

For those familiar with rapper Kendrick Lamar, and those who aren't so familiar, here's a chance to get to know him a little better in a personal in-depth interview done by Shauna Barbosa over at LetsJustEatCheese:
SB: Do you write poetry?
KL: Yeah, I started out writing poetry. Some of it was corny; some of it was really good.
SB: What’s something you’ve written lately that blew yourself away?
KL: “Keisha’s Song.” It was a true story. I knew the person I was writing about so it came naturally. We have this street in Compton called Long Beach Blvd, that’s famous for prostitution. These girls are so young like seventeen, eighteen. I knew this one girl and I knew her story, it was easy to write. I blew myself away knowing how quickly I wrote it based off her experience. I’m really proud of that record because it touched a lot of people.
 Check out the rest here: A Kendrick Lamar Interview

RMX Presents: "Beats, Rhymes, and Life; The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest"

Dope documentary, discussion, food-enough said. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Blu x Middle East

If your in the Boston area on 9/22/2011, I highly recommend catching Blu performing at The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub in Cambridge, Ma. Many of you may know of him from his debut album Below The Heavens (August 2007) produced by Exile. He also appeared on XXL's Top 10 Freshman Class in 2009 with the likes of B.O.B., Wale, Kid Cudi, and Curren$y among others.

18+ w/ I.D. Damage $15

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hip-Hop Remembers 9/11 10 Years Later

Just some compiled tweets of some Rappers/Celebrities who wanted to share their condolences and notes of 9/11.

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